Welcome Speech

Dear friend!

Yerevan is the capital of the Armenian worldwide. Keeping the glory of its past capitals and the memory about them it remains the symbol of our future.

The Museum of Yerevan History is a special visiting card of our ancient cradle, a unique cultural center the mission of which is not only to preserve, research, display and hand down to generations our centuries-old history and culture but also to form tomorrow’s Yerevanians who will love their city and evaluate it in a new way, for whom the preservation and improvement of this city will be the values equal to their own dignity.

With its displays, the number of exhibition samples and publications and preservation means the Yerevan History Museum corresponds to modern requirements of museology and it has become one of the first-rank museums of the Republic permanently feeling the assistence and support of the Mayor of Yerevan.

Armine Sargsyan
Candidate of Historical Science, director of the Yerevan History Museum