The main God of Ararat-Urartu mythology of Armenian country

Khald is the main God of Ararat-Urartu mythology of Armenian country. He is the God of life, vegetation, farming, war and construction. By Khald’s name were sanctified construction works and military crusades of Ararat-Urartu kings. It could be noticed that Khald was a sponsor of various phenomena which often had their own deities. Different deities were united in Khald God’s cult with the purpose of completion of it. Characteristic features of Khald are similar to features of Haya-Enki God known from Shumer-Aqadian written sources. Thus, according to Shumer poem “Enki and Universe Creation” Enki –Haya(after the mankind creation)travelled a lot and taught people to adapt and live in Mother Country.

Later period of Armenian mythology preserved no reminiscences of Haya and Khald. We’ll try to answer why there were no or little reminiscences.

Mythology of Ararat-Urartu is considered to be one of the main parts of Armenian mythology and the name of main God is read as Hald, Khald, Ald, Hayk, Haghdi and other forms in cuneiform script sources. Khald’s name is interpreted by researchers with the meanings of God of Sun, Victory, Time, Heaven, War.

There is some disorder in the way of reading and the way of interpreting Khald’s name. Especially Khald name causes some uncertainty. Khald’s name is never written (in written sources or in oral speech) either before Ararat-Urartu or after it. May be it was read in another way, for example Hay-di. In this case God’s name will have the meaning of Hay (Haya) God. (L-Y sound interchange).The component of Khald’s name Di (Di-q) has the meaning of God.

According to recent researches Hay name of Armenian nation is connected with the name of Haya God. By reading Haya- the main God’s name of Ararat-Urartu mythology is renewed the lost name of Haya God and one of the lacking hoops of millennium chain of Armenian history.

Angela Teryan