The manufacture collection

The manufacture collection is one of the important collections of the museum which includes the samples manufactured by various factories and plants of Yerevan at the end of the 19th and  the beginning of the 20th centuries. These samples testify of a developed industry, of the scientific and technical achievements.

Let’s name the factories which unfortunately don’t exist anymore, but the samples of production of which find their place in the Yerevan History Museum: Marble plant, Aluminium Factory, Leather Factory, Clock Factory, Tool Manufacture, Worsted Factory, Factory of Accurate Electric Appliances, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Silk Plant, Electric Engines Factory, Electric Lamps Factory, ”Nairit”, Automotive Spare parts Plant, «Almast» factory, Cable Plant, Chandeliers Plant,, Cognac Factory, Cristal Plant, Piano Factory, Art Factory, Wool Plant, Souvenirs Plant, Confectionery Factory, Tobacco Plant, Metro Constructing Plant, «Masis» Shoes Factory, Shoes Modelling Factory, Tyres Factory, Institute of Electronic Computers and others.

A press produced in Germany in the 19th century which was purchased by All Armenian Catholicose Khrimyan Hayrik and taken to the press house of Varaga temple is kept in this fund.Later this press was used in Echmiadzin and then in 1925-1960 in the press house N 1 in Yerevan.