The collection of the museum hosts more than 94 thousand items the main part of which are kept in repositories and have been listed, numbered and classified by corresponding fund keepers for the regular exhibitions and studies.

The museum items have been classified in accordance with their period and material so as proper care and conditions for preservation can be provided.

The Yerevan History Museum has eight fund divisions
1. Archaeological
2. Ethnographic
3. Arts
4. Numismatic
5. Written sources
6. Photo, phono, film sources
7. Manufacture
8. Special fund (items made of precious metals).

All these collections in their turn are classified into 31 groups. For example, the ethnographic collection is divided into textile, metal, ceramics, weapons, furniture, wood items and other groups.

The main part of the items was collected in the 1960s-1970s, but the replenishment flows aren’t stopped today chiefly in the form of donations.