The inauguration of the main exposition of the museum took place on the 3rd of April, 2007.

The main exposition of the museum consists of three halls…

In the first exhibition hall the history of Yerevan from prehistoric times until late Middle Age (Yerevan Cave, Shengavit, Karmir Berd, Avan-Arindj, Erebouni, Karmir Blour) is displayed. The model of old Yerevan is erected in the middle of the hall.

The second exhibition hall displays Yerevan in the 19th century (occupation of the fortress of Yerevan, unification of Eastern Armenia to Russia, everyday life of Yerevan, interior of wealthy citizens of Yerevan), store-workshops of Yerevan, activities of self-governed city bodies (city douma), activities of the 19th century mayors of Yerevan, etc.

The third show hall of the museum is thematic which represents economy, city construction, education, culture, sports, press as well as symbols of Yerevan, etc. from the 19th century till our days.

Open this door and walk in, dissolve your being in the golden soil of the past, present and future history of your city, live and inspire in yourself the pride of being just an Armenian, a citizen of Yerevan.