“Yerevan’s history: presented by descendants”

The history of Yerevan is always in the center of attention of researchers in which Yerevan History Museum has an important role.

It presents the history and cultural heritage of the city to the public through permanent expositions, various exhibitions, publications and educational programs.

At the annual European Heritage Days event, which this year is entitled “Heritage and Education, Lifelong Learning”, the Yerevan History Museum has prepared a video on online platform entitled “Yerevan’s history: presented by descendants”.

In the event participate Little Teo (Germany), Dany (Netherland), Alex and Aris (France), Daniel (United Kingdom), Katherine (Cyprus), Menua, Laura and Ann (Yerevan).

The latest publications dedicated to Yerevan are presented by the Academic Secretary of the Museum Hermine Sargsyan.

Yerevan History Museum