The exhibition “Kingdom of Urartu” opened at the Pushkin State Museum (Moscow)

In Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation, “Kingdom of Urartu: The heritage of ancient Armenia,  Urashtu – Yarminuya – Armina” exhibition was opened at  Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
Exclusive exhibits from the collections of the History Museum of Armenia, “Erebuni” Historical and Archaeological Reserve-Museum, as well as Yerevan History Museum are presented at the exhibition.
The exhibition is dedicated to the cultural history of Ancient Armenia, where particularly presents the heritage of the state of Urartu (IX-VII centuries BC). The exhibition emphasize the stages of development of the history and culture of the region, from the pre-Urartian tradition of the ancient tribes of the Armenian highlands (II-I millennia BC) to the formation of post-Urartu ancient Armenian art period (VI-IV centuries BC).

The exhibition will be open to the public until January 28, 2024.