“City” is an artistic link between the old and the new

At the threshold of the Yerevan festival symbolic exhibitions have been opened in the exhibition halls of the Yerevan History Museum. In one of halls displayed the canvas by the artists of the beginning of the 20th century Vahram Gafeschyan, Gevorg Hovsepyan, Ararat Gharibyan, Sargis Hovhannisyan, Levon Hakobyan. The paintings kept at the reserve of the museum represent the panoramas of Yerevan of the 1930s.

The other exhibition hall displays the Yerevan of our days painted by the artist, representative of urban landscape genre Peto Poghosyan. The individual exhibition of the painter includes 32 city landscapes called «The city».
Peto Poghosyan is known not only in Armenia but also in many other countries as a water-colour painter due to his victories in the international exhibitions and competitions. In his works he shows the life of a modern city, particularly Yerevan, the atmosphere of the life in the capital, the mood of Yerevan observed from various points. « I am trying to find the points of intension and show them in my art», described the painter. «The city» is the 7th individual exhibition of Peto Poghosyan. It is open till November 9.