Yerevan History Museum joins Night of Museums-2015 European cultural action

On May 16 the Yerevan History Museum as well as all other 109 museums of Armenia joined the European-wide cultural action “Museum Night 2015. Unlike the similar events held previously this time the events organized by the Yerevan History Museum were dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Aram Sukiasyan, numerous residents and tourists were present at the events held in the museum.

On May 16, from 11.00 till late at night the museum presented the exhibition “I remember and demand: Rebirth” held within the frames of “Museums: Witnesses of memory” event.

The exhibition represented Yerevan in the periods before 1915 and afterwards in the context of creation of shelters for deportees, elimination of the consequence of the greatest disaster, reconstruction and rebirth of Yerevan.

However, this day wasn’t marked only with the exhibition: all other exhibition halls of the museum in which the past and the present of the capital was represented in panoramas and exclusive samples kept in the museum were available to visitors till late at night.

The pupils of marionette show group “Vaspurik” presented a special performance for the young visitors of the museum.

In harmony with the symbol of the year, at 20.00, despite late hour, the presentation of the book dedicated to the memories of the Genocide survivor from Cilicia Zarmineh Vasilyan was held. The book contains the monography of Zarmineh Vasilyan who was born in Cilicia.

It is an autobiographical book, covering the period from the 1930s to these days. Historic facts about the Armenian population of Cilicia, their traditions and their forced deportation are presented in the book.

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