“Singing embroidery speaking rocks”

The presentation of the illustrated work about embroidery by Armine Hayrapetyan called “Singing embroidery speaking rocks took place in the hall of Yerevan History Museum. Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Aram Sukiasyan was present at the event. The Deputy Minister of Culture Arthur Poghosyan and numerous guests, masters of embroidery also came to congratulate the art figure.

Aram Sukiasyan congratulated Armine Hayrapetyan on behalf of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan and wished her new achievements which will enrich the Armenian culture.

Dear friends, I felt proud reading this book. Besides being a great work it has also rich contents referring to the historical and cultural heritage. The book has an interesting format. Armine Hayrapetyan presented 40 samples of “Singing embroidery, speaking rocks” book to Yerevan Municipality which we will gladly give to the art and music schools of Yerevan”, said Deputy Mayor Aram Sukiasyan. The book includes embroidered pictures by the author created in different time and some specialized comments to them. The author dedicated this book to the holy martyrs of the Great Armenian Genocide and to the centennial of Van battle.

“I’ve been waiting for publishing this book for 15 years. In this book I tried not only to present embroidered ornaments, flowers, complicated technique but also an idea, wise symbol. The book also includes the works which are unique in the world. I am grateful to the group created this book. First of all I am grateful to my parents who brought me up, educated me. I am also grateful to Mayor Taron Margaryan as due to his initiative this book was released”, said Armine Hayrapetyan.

Armine Hayrapetyan handed her work of graphics called “Armenian eyes” to Aram Sukiasyan as a present for Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan.

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