The exhibition “Cultural dialogue” had opened in Yerevan History Museum

By the initiative of Yerevan Municipality Department of Culture and Tourism the exhibition “Cultural dialogue” had opened in Yerevan History Museum. The exhibition includes 70 samples of Iranian collection of the museum.

The main part of the exhibition involves miniatures and paintings of the 18-19 centuries, samples of carpet weaving, textiles, copper household items. The marble fountain ( IX century) which used to decorate the mirror hall of Sardar’s Palace draws special attention at the exhibition.

Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Aram Sukiasyan who was present at the exhibition, outlining the centuries-old friendship and cultural similarities of the neighbouring nations noted that it’s not co-incidence that the samples representing the culture of Orient countries including Iran make up a special part of Yerevan History Museum “Within the 25 years of Armenian-Iranian diplomatic relationship out ties became more strengthened. The cooperation between Yerevan and the cities of Iran in various spheres, especially in the sphere of culture is gradually becoming more and more tight. I’d like to note that numerous Armenian artists at various times had significant contribution to the cultural life of Iran and the presented exhibits also include Armenian traits. I am glad that such exhibitions are opened in the capital as they will interest both our residents and the tourists from Iran”, said Aram Sukiasyan.

The director of the cultural center of the IRI Embassy in Armenia Majid Mushqi expressed gratitude to Yerevan Municipality for giving this opportunity to numerous tourists for Iran to familiarize themselves with the exhibition.

“The exhibition is very important from the point of view of tourism development. Wherever you go you usually try to find something from your country. Here each visitor can find a cultural dialogue which is the symbol of our friendship”, said Majid Mushqi.

The “Cultural dialogue” exhibition is open till April 9.

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of the City hall of Yerevan

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