Yerevan History Museum hosted the Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Russia Yuri Oganesyan

On July 14 Yerevan History Museum hosted the physicist, Doctor Professor of Physics and Mathematic, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Russia Yuri Oganesyan.

The eminent scientist toured about the museum,familiarized himself with the exhibits and left an entry in the visitors book of the museum.
It should be noted that in 1956 Yuri Oganesyan graduated from Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics. In 1976-1989 he was the deputy director of nuclear reactions laboratory of the United Institute of Nuclear Research of Dubna; in 1989-1997-the director of the same institute, and since 1997-the scientific leader and at the same time, since 1971-the head of nucleus research division of the same laboratory.

In 1969-1970 became professor of Paris University (France), honorary doctor of Yerevan State University, Frankfurt University (Germany), Messina University (Italy). In 2017 a stamp dedicated to Yuri Oganesyan was issued.
By the decree of the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was awarded with the RA citizenship.
His works relate to experimental physics and accelerating machinery.

Oganesyan led numerous experiments of synthesis of heaviest elements, worked out experimental research centers for those elements.

He is the co-founder of 11 research works in the sphere of artificial synthesis of new elements (periodical numbers 104-108). He lead the activities of the creation of superheavy nuclear creation and studied the mechanisms of their reactions and their fission tracks.

He led the research of applied significance-technology of nuclear membranes, of pure isotopes for radio-medical diagnosis; designed and constructed the microtones for production of short-duration isotopes.

The chemical element “Oganesson” (Og, 118 element) is named after him.