Photo exhibition dedicated to our pink capital

Due to the efforts of “Masis” NGO of the Union of Armenians of Kazakhstan, with the assistance of the Ministry of Diaspora a photo exhibition dedicated to our pink-tufa capital was held at the entertainment center “Amure”. According to “Armenians today”, there mainly exhibited the photos from the collection of Yerevan History Museum. “It is a significant assistance to us, as the photos are interesting and outstanding. They are valued as a museum sample and attracted a great interest”, said the vice-chairman of “Masis” NGO Aram Navasardyan in his conversation with “Armenians today”.

The exhibition is open till the last day of the official celebrations of Yerevan’s 2800th anniversary, October 21. The visitors will also watch the full-length documentary “A capital older than Rome”, made due to the efforts and financing of the president of the Union of Armenians of Kazakhstan Ernest Varderesyan. And before it the pupils of Sunday school are learning songs and poems dedicated to Yerevan, are trying to express their ideas and love for the 12th Armenian capital on canvas.

“Armenians today”