03, 2015

Khachatur Martiros Iskandaryan

The staff of the Yerevan History Museum headed by the director present their deep condolence to the Iskandaryan family on the untimely death of the Great Master, the RA Honorary Sculptor, painter Khachatur Iskandaryan.

An exhibition of archival photos of YHM will open in Glendale

By the joint initiative of the Yerevan History Museum and the Glendale cultural establishment “Narek”, on the event of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, an exhibition of the archival photos of the Yerevan History Museum called “We remember” opens in “Narek” cultural center in Glendale on April 19, 2015.

Yerevan History Museum

From the story of the holiday

The history of the festival is traditionally connected with the name of Clara Tsetkin who had created a revolutionary women’s group. It was decided to choose a day which would be considered a birthday of women’s proletariat.

Half a century later the activists of the social-democratic organization of New York remembered the protest demonstrations of textile-workers of 1857 and on March 8,1908 they organized a demonstration for women’s rights protection.