Documental materials

Documental materials such as maps, materials,old books, newspapers and magazines are of a big significance for history highlighting.The newspapers published in Yerevan have become sources for studying the history of Yerevan at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century.

We can find interesting facts about all the spheres of the life of Yerevanians on the pages of the “Psak”, “Erivanskoye obyavlenie”, “Aroghjapahik” and other newspapers.

The collection also includes books, newspapers, documents telling about eminent residents of Yerevan, albums, plans of separate parts of Yerevan, maps and other materials which are of historical and documental significance.

The personal papers of those people who played important role in the life of Yerevan are also kept in this fund. These people are public and politicl figures, representatives of ast, culture, science, education, sport and so on. We’d like to list some names: the Geghamyans, the Melik-Aghamalyans, the Afrikyans, T.Toromanyan, V, Artsruni, M.Gilanyan, Ye.Janpoladyan, A. Tamanyan, K. Pirumov, T. Petrosyan, M. Muradyan, taragros, H. Shahinyan, A. Azaryan, H. Danielyan and more than 135 names.

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