The results of the “Selects the Visitor” event were summarized

On May 18, the International Museum Day, within the framework of the “Museum Night” program, the interactive event “Selects the Vistor” was held at Yerevan History Museum.

It allowed visitors to select from exhibits that they suggested should be evacuated in case of possible danger.

The exhibits were selected as follows:

of the first importance – red ribbon
of the second importance – green ribbon
of the third importance – yellow ribbon.

Hidden in the context of the event was the special message to take a closer look at museum objects and re-evaluate them.

Studies have shown that our visitors gave the first and second importance of the museum exposition to the models of Yerevan Fortress and Medieval Yerevan, the pottery of Shengavit, the wedding attire, the apartment of Yerevan, the exhibits of coins and brandy.