30 thousand photos and documents preserved in Yerevan History Museum have been digitized

More than 30 thousand photos and documents preserved in the Yerevan History Museum have been digitized this year due to the support of Yerevan Municipality. The director of the museum Armine Sargsyan informed that the photos and documents were digitized first of all as they are of the highest demand.

Now it has become really easy to find necessary information just entering the keywords instead of looking for the required one manually. All digitized materials are downloaded on a special program named GES 1. It shows all documents, photos, newspapers, maps and so on it contains. Digitation of the rich archive of the museum was vital from the point of view of its preservation and popularization. Some photos were gradually fading. Currently, the materials are available only for internal use and services. The main attention was paid to digitation of negatives as there are exclusive ones representing the history of our city.

The museum now thinks of new projects including exhibitions and publishing of albums.
Yerevan History Museum is not just a museum but a cultural and scientific centre which undertook the mission of preservation and popularization of the history and traditions of the capital city.