Exhibition of national costumes of Yerevan History Museum will be opened in Gomel

With the assistance of the cooperation of humanitarian intergovernmental fund of CIS participant countries the exhibition of national costumes of Yerevan History Museum will be opened in the Paskevich and the Roumyantsov exhibition hall of Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble on the 8th of November, 2011.

On that occasion Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble writes: ”Armenia, which is rich in historical facts, is a country with wonderful mountainous nature and ancient history. In the territory of Armenia in the beginning of the first millennium B.C. existed one of the ancient civilizations : State Urartu , which later became one of the first Christian states. During centuries-old history Armenians often confronted foreign expeditions and heroically protected their independence.

… Yerevan History Museum carefully conserves and represents the history of Yerevan, which is as old as Niniveh, Carthago and Rome.

One of the best collections of the museum (the collection of Armenian national costumes) will be represented in the exhibition. The Armenian national costume is one of the manifestations of national self-consciousness, which reflects the difficult historical way of Armenian people. Until the beginning of the 20th century when in the cities the national clothing began to concede the European one, in the families were still kept complete collections of traditional clothes which they wore during solemn ceremonies . They were perceived not only in the context of family traditions, but as masterpieces of art of the past. Armenian national costume is distinguished by its beauty and variety. In the exhibition are represented clothes and ornaments of different regions of historical Armenia as well as carpets and domestic objects. More information and photos about the exhibition we’ll represent in the future.