Erebuni-Yerevan is in the heart of all our Yerevan residents

 At the eve of «Erebuni-Yerevan 2796» celebration the director of the Yerevan History Museum Armine Sargsyan gave an interview on the Facebook

– Mrs Sargsyan, what does Yerevan mean for you?
– As each person is attached to his birthplace I am attached to Yerevan and I feel myself an inseparable part of my city. It’s not surprising that at the mature age people crave for their birthplace. Yerevan is my birthplace. And the meaning of the notion of a birthplace is usually not explained as the most cherished feelings are connected with birthplace.

– What is your favourite place in Yerevan?
– In my opinion, the years of studentship is the best period of youth, the years of dreams and when I was a student, the department of history where I studies was located in the central campus of Yerevan State University. So I can call the building of Yerevan State University and its surroundings the most beloved place for me.

-Do you like the day of «Erebuni-Yerevan» celebration?
– I really love the day of Yerevan birth and as a direct participant of the celebration our museum always try to arrange some special events during the celebration. «Erebuni-Yerevan» celebration is in the heart of all Yerevanians. I am sure that everybody is looking forward to the start of the celebration and everybody has a preferred event in which one can take part during the day.