The Yerevan History Museum is searching for the relatives of Ashkhen Ter-Sargsyan

The Yerevan History Museum is searching for the relatives of Ashkhen Ter-Sargsyan, also called Mrs Ashkhen, Mother Ashkhen who was a good-hearted Yerevanian woman taken motherly care of orphans and homeless children who migrated to Yerevan as a result of the Armenian Genocide at the beginning of the 20th century.

Mrs Ashken brought the unsheltered children home from outside, washed them, fed them and took care of them. As Mrs Ashken’s granddaughter told during one of such cases they took with them a small carpet. However Mrs Ashkhen wasn’t worried at all, moreover, she was sure that they would certainly bring it back. An indeed, the next day the children brought the carpet back. The children older than these ones taught them a good lesson when they knew about it and made them bring back the stolen carpet as Mrs Ashkhen was a holy person for them.

Taking a small tin box on which was written “Help children” Mrs Ashkhen walked about the city and asked for donations for orphans.
Mother Ashkhen lived 108 years, her two-storey house was in Mashtots avenue, at the place of so-called “agency” building near which at an old age  she would sit on the chair placed in the street and look at the people passing by. Perhaps she was trying to find one of her wards among them…

We think that there may be people among our compatriots who have some information about her and we will be very grateful for it.