Spend an International Museum Day with us

At the 11th General Conference of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) held on May 18, 1977 at the suggestion of the Russian delegation May 18 was declared the World Museum Day. Since 1978, this day has been marked in more than 150 countries including Armenia.

In 1992 the theme was «Museums and environment». This year, in 2014 the chosen theme is «Museum collections make connections».

«Museum night»

Every year the «Museum night|» event is held on the Saturday closest to the World Museum Day.The event gives people the opportunity to admire museum collections free of charge and to reveal the cultural values kept in the museums which are usually not so well-known. For a whole day from evening till midnight museums suggest visitors various events which draw the interest of the public.

«Eminent families of Yerevan: the link between generations»

May 17, at 15.00.

An exhibition of the personal items and symbolic family tree of eminent Yerevan townspeople, an interactive program for the visitors, held in the foyer of the museum.

«Spring motives»

May 17, at 18.00

The joint exhibition of the Yerevan History Museum and the creative Armenian artists is to take place in the exhibition hall on the first floor.

A concert performed by Violin Revolution group.

«Life in old Yerevan» 3D projection-mapping animation, represented the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century on the model of the city

May 17, at 20.30

Yerevan History Museum, permanent exhibition, second floor. Argishti 1/1.Tel. 56-81-85

«Life in old Yerevan» 3D projection

May 17, at 21.00

Within the frames of the international «Museum night» action on May 17, at 20.30. 3D projection-mapping «Life in old Yerevan» is to be performed at the Yerevan History Museum for the first time.

The mock-up of old Yerevan will be animated through innovation technique –by means of «Full HD» projectors. The city will start to live in its everyday rhythm: carts, cars will be moving along the streets, English park, Yerevan historical fortress, Ghantar market with its caravans will revived, ringing of the bells of old churches will be heard and so on…

«Virtual tour about about new Yerevan»-Yerevan History Museum, permanent exhibition, 3rd floor.

«Virtual tour about new Yerevan»

May 17, at 21.00

The event «Virtual tour about new Yerevan» is to be held for the first time in YHM within the frames of «Museum night» action on May 17, at 21.00. The museum cooperating with the leading Armenian company in high technologies «Locator» will present the 3D version of the contemporary buildings and construction of Yerevan.

Then the visitors can make a virtual tour to the sights of the city, study the buildings, on-line plan of the city from the museum. It will be very useful particularly for the tourists who plan their visits in the city. In addition to the virtual tour the Yerevan History Museum will get a new breath due to the crystal mock-up of Yerevan made by «Locator» company.

The museum is open on May 18 too, till 17.30.