Donate to the museum

A few days ago Yerevan History Museum got a donation consisted of 135 photographic negatives and photos. These items from Grigory Aghajanyan’s personal archive (born in 1933, Georgia) were donated to the museum by Vahe Sahakyan from Yerevan.
G. Aghajanyan, engineer by profession lived in Yerevan for many years and worked at Mergelyan Institute. Besides he was engaged in photography.
The collection includes his and his apprentices’ photos and photographic negatives made in the 1960s-80s which represent views of Yerevan and other cities. They are very interesting samples of art-photo.
Vahe tells that though G. Aghajanyan has been living in Israel since 1999, he loves Yerevan dearly and up to now remembers his home city with nostalgia and is very glad to hand his works of many years to Yerevan History Museum.