Puppet Stories exhibition will open in Yerevan History Museum

On November 11, at 15.00 the ceremony of opening the exhibition called “Doll stories” takes place in the thematic exhibition hall of the Yerevan History Museum.
The aim of the exhibition is to present the doll as a multi-genre, multi-form phenomenon which got into nearly every sphere of our life. For the first time the hand-made dolls of artistic value are to be displayed together with the  dolls of mass production popular in the Soviet years which have become the witness of exciting memories of several generations. The “Doll stories” will start with the Armenian ritual dolls and finish with the puppets “working” at the theater.

The dolls made by Sophia Arzumanova, Armenian by nation (YHM collection) which are nearly 100 years old stand out at the exhibition because of their “age”. There is also a china doll made in the 1900s at “Armand Marsel” manufacture, Germany.

Each doll presented at “Doll stories” exhibition has its history which it can share with the visitors…