In the famous centers of ancient civilization, Armenian Highlands and the surrounding territories, Mesopotamia, Sumer, Akkad, Egypt and other territories, along with cultural values statuettes and sculptures of idols were uncovered during archaeological excavations. They were strange creatures with the body of a human and without manlike face /rabbit, bird/. They are also engraved on the petroglyphs, archaeological objects, etc. Like in many countries of ancient world the worship of those manlike creatures, idols, was spread in ancient Armenia. There were the statuettes of idols in Armenian pagan temples. They were woman-like and man-like idols with conical base and underlined face. The woman-like idols are thought to embody the idea of woman-mother goddess that symbolizes fertility and maternity. The man-like idols symbolize the idea of impregnation.
In Mitani State kings’ seals had the images of gods and some tall creatures with man-like bodies and bird-like faces. Such idols as well as the ones with the images of horsemen and charioteers were also uncovered in Lori-Berd /14th – 13th c. B.C./, Lchashen /the middle of the 2nd millennium B.C./, Akhtala /the 8th c. B.C./ and etc. In Metsamor /the middle of the 3rd millennium/, Karmir-Berd /12th – 9th c. B.C./, Shavarshavan /Ijevan, 9th – 8th c. B.C./ and other territories were uncovered idols with the symbols of Creator, cross and swastika. So on the idol /image 16/, unearthed in Metsamor, were engraved a series of symbols: swastika in a circle and overlapping circles. On the neck of the idol were 3 circular lines. The idols uncovered in Red Hill were mainly made of tufa. The head and the upper part of one of the idol were divided by the perpendicular line and decorated with the ornaments that had the shape of a fir tree /image 17, YHM/.

The comparison of the idols, the statuettes and the images shows that almost everyone has big, long /inclined or horizontal/ and impressive eyes, a little nose and a mouth.

All ancient cultures had beautiful images of gods and goddesses, kings and people and as it was mentioned above there were also the statuettes of some creatures, idols, that had the body of man but their face was not man-like which were worshiped. And who are they? Today such kind of creatures doesn’t exist in the Mother Earth and nobody creates sculptures and images with those kinds of bodies and faces. In this case we may think that those are the images of non earthly, cosmic creatures that used to know each other. Otherwise man will have created his worship objects with his image as it is usually accepted to do.

Hence in that case it may be said that some earthly creatures are represented with the images of idols. They date back to ancient times. Today it is considered to be a state secret. It is concealed for not creating chaos. It is high time to speak obviously about it representing the gained knowledge. The truth can change the man and each individual will be responsible for its actions.