Museum – Patriotic Wednesday Education

One of the great Armenians Garegin Nzhdeh said, “Homeland lives with patriotism and is destroyed because of its lack”.

The concept of patriotism is in close connection with the history of its country as homeland is not only the modern period of the country but also its history, culture, its past, present as well as future.

It must be noted with regret that today no effective complete process of patriotic upbringing is implemented. One of the main reasons of it is the absence of national ideology in this field.

As a consequence we have lack of modern methodological literature on patriotic upbringing. In this case the role of cultural centers and museums is great which, besides being scientific-educational and cultural centers, can solve various issues on person education and development.

Experimental research was done with the purpose of revealing the effectiveness of patriotic upbringing in practice.
It should be noted that the methods of sociology have been applied since 1930, but today for many museums they still remain a new field for investigation and demand further separate investigations. The results of our investigation prove that some values can change by the time but there are ones which are forever and they lead people. Such value is patriotism and the correct upbringing of it determines the quality of future living and creating generation.

Harutyunyan Hripsime
Yerevan history museum