07, 2016

Exhibition of embroidery works by Mariam Gharibyan opens in Yerevan History Museum

On July 26 the exhibition of embroidery by Mariam Gharibyan opened in Yerevan Hisotry Museum. The exhibition is called “Return”. Well-known Ayntap embroidery school as well as 25 modern design art works are on display.

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The Ayntab Embroidery School will be presented at Yerevan History Museum

Yerevan History Museum would like to invite everybody to take part in the opening of the exhibition of embroidery by Maruam Gharibyan which will take place on July 26, at 15.00.

The exhibition is called “Return” and represents the well-known Ayntap school of embroidery as well as about 25 works of modern design (decorative blamkets,towels,overcoats,dresses).The painter, embroiderer,  designer of clothes Mariam Gharibyan was born in Yerevan. At school age she attended the Center for Aesthetical Education after Henrik Igityan.

Photo exhibition “Yerevan Etudes” has opened

Within the frames of “Yerevan summer 2016” three-month program of events the photo exhibition “Yerevan sketches” has opened in “Hay-Art” cultural center on the event of the World Day of Photos.

The photos of the 19th and 20th century kept at Yerevan History Museum, as well as 70 works by the eminent Armenian photographers of the Soviet period are on display.

“Yerevan Etudes” from the rich photo gallery of YHM

At the initiative of Yerevan Municipality, within the frames of “Yerevan summer” program of events the exhibition called “Yerevan sketches” will open on July 12,at 10.00 in “Hay-Art” cultural center.