Materials from the “Service for the protection of historical environment and cultural museumreservations” SNCO

The collection of glass plate negatives ofthe “Service for the protection of historical environment and cultural museum-reservations” SNCO includes the artworks of Artashes and Aram Vruyr, Gurgen Paronyan-Hovsepyan (Guros) created during the 20-50’s of the 20th century. Some of them contain information on the lifestyle of the population and are partly published. Most of the glass plate negatives of the collection depict monuments from various regions, including Yerevan.

The preserved negatives have great scientific value, which allow the researcher today not only to comprehend the position and the structural features of the Armenian architectural monuments, but also those negatives for most of them are the only documents of the monuments which have been destroyed because of various reasons over the time, have lost their original appearance or changed dramatically.

Lianna Gevorgyan
Ministry Of Culture Of Ra “Service For The Protection Of Historical Environment And
Cultural Museum-Reservations” State Non-Commercial Organization

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