Exhibition of Mariam Gharibyan’s embroidery has opened in Yerevan History Museum


On July 26 the exhibition of embroidery by Mariam Gharibyan opened in Yerevan Hisotry Museum. The exhibition is called “Return”. Well-known Ayntap embroidery school as well as 25 modern design art works are on display.

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Ayntap creative school will be presented in Yerevan History Museum


Yerevan History Museum would like to invite everybody to take part in the opening of the exhibition of embroidery by Maruam Gharibyan which will take place on July 26, at 15.00.

The exhibition is called “Return” and represents the well-known Ayntap school of embroidery as well as about 25 works of modern design (decorative blamkets,towels,overcoats,dresses).The painter, embroiderer,  designer of clothes Mariam Gharibyan was born in Yerevan. At school age she attended the Center for Aesthetical Education after Henrik Igityan.

“Yerevan sketches” photo exhibition has opened


Within the frames of “Yerevan summer 2016” three-month program of events the photo exhibition “Yerevan sketches” has opened in “Hay-Art” cultural center on the event of the World Day of Photos.

The photos of the 19th and 20th century kept at Yerevan History Museum, as well as 70 works by the eminent Armenian photographers of the Soviet period are on display.

“Yerevan sketches” from the YHM rich collection of photos


At the initiative of Yerevan Municipality, within the frames of “Yerevan summer” program of events the exhibition called “Yerevan sketches” will open on July 12,at 10.00 in “Hay-Art” cultural center.

Museum night at Yerevan History Museum


Yerevan History Museum traditionally took part in Museum Night Pan-European event on May 21 under the motto “Museums and cultural landscapes”.

“Author’s doll” exhibition has opened (video)


 “Author’s doll” exhibition dedicated to the international day of Children’s Rights Protection opened in Yerevan History Museum on May 20.

The exhibition is the first experience to present author’s dolls as a separate and successful direction of the Armenian decorative and applied art which includes various arts such as sculpture, painting, design.

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“Author’s dolls” exhibition in Yerevan History Museum


Prior to the International Day of Children’s Rights Protection, June 1, the exhibition called “Author’s dolls“ will open at Yerevan History Museum (Argishti,1/1) on May 20, at 16.00. The exhibition is open till June 20.

This exhibition is the first attempt to present author’s dolls as a separate and successful direction of the Armenian decorative-applied art, which includes different types of art: sculpture, painting, design. It’s time for the Armenian author’s dolls change its merely souvenir «Vernissage» status and to be find their distinguished place in museum exhibitions, as they do in other countries.

Yerevan History Museum will join the pan-European action «Museum night»


Yerevan History Museum would like to invite everybody to take part in the actions to be held on May 21, at 18.00 within the frames of «Museum night» event. This year’s motto is « Museums and cultural landscapes».

Program of the events to be held at Yerevan History museum on 21.05.2016
within the frames of the pan-European action «Museum night»

Famous jazz bassist Richard Bona visited Yerevan History Museum


Jazz legend, famous bass-guitarist Richard Bona who is in Yerevan with the aim of participation in the concert program dedicated to International Jazz Day, visited the Hisotry Museum of 2798-year-old Yerevan.

“Cultural dialogue” exhibition has opened in Yerevan History Museum


By the initiative of Yerevan Municipality Department of Culture and Tourism the exhibition “Cultural dialogue” had opened in Yerevan History Museum. The exhibition includes 70 samples of Iranian collection of the museum.

The main part of the exhibition involves miniatures and paintings of the 18-19 centuries, samples of carpet weaving, textiles, copper household items. The marble fountain ( IX century) which used to decorate the mirror hall of Sardar’s Palace draws special attention at the exhibition.

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